ProductNet 2.8

Product Catalogue software for import export trading company
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ProductNet is a simple database software used to manage all the product of your company. It will generate catalogue, product detail sheet, booklet and brochure. The catalogue can send through email or save to CD Rom. Unlike other catalogue software, the graphical catalogue generate by ProductNet can't be changed or altered by recipients.
Multi languages support. Chinese / English Bilingual interface, more applicable for multi-national companies. Suitable for company with numerous of products but frequently changing the product details.
Remote Access ProductNet Database over internet, able to view product details from overseas. ( with user's own Window XP or Server) Multi-user could access the database at the same time.
Product photo support all kinds of graphic file format: .jpg .tiff .gif .png .bmp
Convert product details & photos into a product catalogue. Group by product nature, item characteristic, brand name. Filter and pull out products by groups designated by user.
Power search functions. Able to hold one millions of product records.
Support Bar Code Scanner input and search function.
Print to .PDF format and view by Acrobat Reader.
Save catalogue as a single snapshot .snp file format. Which is a Microsoft Window default file. Any Window OS is able to view it without installing any viewer software.
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